Retirement, Ready or Not

Retirement, Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

Whether you are ready to retire or not, it will happen! You may be able to delay retirement a decade or more but sooner or later you’ve got to relax and pursue your dreams while you still can.

Depending on your career path(s) that you chose during your working years, you may or may not be financially secure enough for your dream retirement. Or, you are just afraid of becoming a grouchy old guy chasing kids off his lawn.

Regardless of how things have worked out, there is hope for every retiree to truly enjoy their senior lives by pursuing an “Inventive Retirement” lifestyle.

What the Heck is Inventive Retirement?

When we hear the word retiree, what comes to mind first? Do you envision happy rich people enjoying not working every day, traveling and having a good time or do you envision sad, lonely people worried they will not have enough money to make it until their final day?

There is a multitude of options we can consider to make the best of each day if we really want to. The possibilities are out there. All we have to do is find them, stop being afraid to try new things and look forward to new ideas on enjoying life while you are still able. That could mean retiring in a way you might not have considered. An inventive way!

As a retiree, you have so much usable knowledge, already stored in your noggin from at least 60 years of experiences. Now, you just need to dig in to that “Super-computer” on your shoulders and start jotting down anything related to the term “Retirement”.

Building your list? Good. Keep that list handy because you will be adding to thatlist as you carry on.

Finding information on Retirement using the internet

Since you found me somehow on Google or another search engine, you are used to the internet. So, go ahead and enter a search for info you are interested in.

Oh My God! What happened? Did you only enter the word “retirement”? You just had a box-car of possibilities dumped in your lap, right? Do not fret! I’ll give you some hints on not getting lost in your searches.

OK. Grab your list, pick out an idea, pick out “key-words” in one of those ideas, stick retirement in there somewhere and enter that. Better? Maybe move the words around a bit to make more sense.

If you find good sites and info, “bookmark” that page because you are going to be returning there if it helps with your ideas.

Watch out! Many sites want your money!

The first search you did, probably brought up hundreds of sites for “Retirement Investment”.

I just checked, for the word “retirement” Google showed 58,000 searches per month, for that word leading to 220+ sites. Many of these sites are for investing. I checked and there is over 400 sites that show up when “retirement investment” is searched.

There is a giant community of people and corporations that want your money toplay with. Your money! Not their money!

No matter what your financial situation is, whether you have done very well or not too good, retirement is not the time to take chances with what you have. These “vulture” sites prey upon trusting older people to make them richer and if they lose money for you they say “Oh well, these things happen”. Didn’t hurt them a bit….

Warning signs:

  • Membership fees for information on retirement
  • Require personal information to move ahead in their site
  • Super offers with limited time or limited space to sign up
  • Testimonials, that may not be real
  • Site names that sound strange.¬†example:. “”

That’s just the internet. Where I live, my bank pushes for me to invest, I receive official looking mail every day to invest, evening phone calls because maybe my bank has sold my name and number to some list somewhere. It’s like buzzards circling an injured animal in the desert.

What ever you have for retirement, pensions and/or savings. Do not take chances now!

Lifestyles: What Makes You Happy?

What would make you happy? Tropical living? Travelling? Winning the Lottery! Yeah, good luck with that. One comedian said “You stand a better chance of getting hit by a flying toilet than winning the lottery”.

If you have done well, just enjoy your time now and watch your money carefully.

If you have not done so well, you will have to get busy searching for cheap ways to still enjoy a retirement lifestyle close to your “retirement” list but realistically based on your financial situation.

We can all help each other.


The retirement community has probably the largest knowledge and experience base of any group of people in the world.

Every career, professional or non-professional is represented by “retirees”. Every career!

The wealth of ideas in this group is amazing. The more we share experiences and ideas, the more options for us individually, become available to each of us.

We need some ways to find ideas

If you have ever wasted hours looking for answers on the internet and finally walked away, totally disgusted, I can relate!
What about one place you can go to that can make your search time more productive and maybe expose you to ideas from others that work perfectly for your situation?

A place like that would likely have:

  • Blogs
  • Posts on lifestyles of many ranges
  • Links to retirement groups
  • Information on medical and travel insurance for retirees
  • Links to airlines
  • Information on airports domestic and international
  • Low-cost destinations for long-term visits
  • Open forum for others to post their pros and cons of lifestyles they have experienced

These are just a few ideas for sharing and learning. This site will continue to evolve to become a tool we all can benefit from to help all of us in one way or another.

How is your retirement list coming? Remember, list everything about retirement that comes to mind. Good things, bad things, places to see, family to visit, foods to try, activities, how much you can spare to spend, whatever! it’s your list, just for you. Delete stuff, add stuff, it’s a core base for you to work from.

Time to get to work!

Continue to research retirement on the web and come up with some ideas.

I will do everything I can to get this site up and running smooth for you and me to use and benefit from.

If you like, bookmark this site and check back in a week or two to see how I’m doing.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards

Michael Reimchen


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