I hope this site will help you realize many possibilities for approaching a retirement lifestyle that can make the next few years interesting and adventuress for you.

Hopefully this site will enable people to interact and share what they would like to try, and also a site for those that have achieved an inventive retirement lifestyle to share their stories.

I just retired.

Haven’t got a clue as to what to do or try, with retirement, so, anything is a “possible” for the next few years.

I’ve worked internationally for a number of years and am not afraid to try new ideas and plan to have a good time no matter what.

So, Welcome again! This could be very interesting and exciting for all involved.

I don’t like doing what everyone else at my age does. When my wife and I go to Mexico, we like the off-season. We would rather hang-out with the locals than hang-out with the other canucks that I just spent the last 60 years around.

Experiencing new things is by far the best way to wake each morning happy. OK, Sky-diving and base-jumping are a bit too exciting for me but with a few shots of tequila, anything is possible! I’m not sure if my bones are flexible enough though…

Enough yapping. Time to get busy here.

I will explain my ideas through “posts”, add links to info sites you might use and take any ideas you folks share and make them accessible to all that are interested.

Bookmark this site, and check back whenever you get board, to see how it’s coming along here.

Talk at you later.

Thanks for coming.

Michael Reimchen


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